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Seasoned Versatile Dutch Male Voice Artist

If you are looking for a Dutch Voice Talent with an excellent reputation, you've come to the right place. I am a voice artist, or voice actor, from the Netherlands, willing and able to voice your Dutch commercial or video or any other production that needs Dutch voicing. I'll give you my voice over for anything that's fit to read!

Free grammar check and prompt delivery.

Bel: 06-28 27 26 25 of 070-3 912 912
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Dutch Voice Over

Good day to you, from Jos Bergenhenegouwen, a native Dutch Voice Over talent (or artist, if you like), residing in Holland or the Netherlands -- both names will work.

You are probably here because you want to hear if I can do your video. Well, be my guest and have a listen to some things I did and do.

Please notice that this web page contains video and audio demo material. It may take some time to load completely, depending on your internet connection.


I am a highly experienced, seasoned Dutch male voice talent, with a well known voice, working SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK for Dutch National Radio and Television, for many years already. (You will not find many Dutch voices or announcers and presenters on the net who can say that!)

My voice can be friendly, informing, authoritative, but also "all business", or soothing. I will cope just as good with soft sell as with hard sell. I serve many clients from overseas with spot on commercials for television and radio, but also corporate films, documentaries, corporate video presentations, product promotions, e-learning projects, product presentations and phone services. It will be a pleasure to be your native Dutch announcer, narrator or speaker, presenting you the voice job through FTP, mail, or WeSendIt, in any format that is convenient for you.

Educational projects, information programs, musea videos, internet advertising infomercials, and telephone systems ... I have supplied the voice for all of them. I speak perfect Dutch, without an accent..


If it is necessary I will travel to your country - it happened!! - but as you can imagine there are extra costs involved if we want to go for that. In most of the cases we can handle the job with distant recording. The recordings are made in the professional studio I have at home, and that has all the latest features you may wish for in order to supply you with a splendid quality audio file. If it's needed for you or your client, we can also set up a connection through a high quality double ISDN protocol. However, my own studio recordings will of course always be of higher quality.


Please listen to my voice demo, in order to understand what I can do for you. You'll here very short bits and pieces of several recordings, that hopefully will show you how versatile I can be.

(If you need to present voice over demo material to your client, you can download the Dutch Voice Over demo file that you hear above. Just right-click your mouse in order to save the demo.)


I am proud to say that I have been awarded with the Marconi Award for "Best Dutch Voice", and it will really be a joy to help you out with any voice job that you have to deal with. In 1989 my voice was the first voice ever to be heard on commercial TV in the Netherlands. (Yes, we were a little late with that, but since then we've made up for that!) Because of my skills and experience, you can be assured to receive high quality work, without ANY Dutch regional or local accent. Pay attention to this matter, because in the Netherlands many different accents are spoken, and I don't think that you would like to have your video or presentation voiced by a voice over with an accent!

I can handle any style or mood: over-the-top, calm, reliable, casual, informative, excited, cheerful or serious. My voice was used for programs that may sound familiar to you: the "Dutch versions" of international tv hits like "How To Marry A Millionaire", "The Weakest Link", and "Big Brother", to name a few.


If necessary, I will assist you without any extra costs, with the translation of your script, of course provided that it's not too extensive. You'll have my guarantee that every single line will be grammatically correct in the Dutch language.

I do not charge extra for re-takes. My fees are very reasonable and payments can be made by Paypal or by bank wire transfer.


You can always leave me an e-mail, but personally I prefer a telephone call. Besides, it's easier for you too, AND much faster. So if you are in a hurry, do not hesitate to call me!

You can reach me on my land line: (+)31 703 912 912

or on my cell: (+)316 28 27 26 25.

If you want to listen to more demo material, please go to my other Dutch Voice Over page.

Summary: Experienced, seasoned, versatile Dutch Voiceover, working DAILY, so that means each and every day (!) for Dutch National radio and television. I can do your video, tv commercial, presentation, infomercial, film, animation, documentary, program or promotion in perfect Dutch, without any accent, hard sell or soft cell, informative or authoritative. My support with translation issues is free.

Over the years I have voiced thousands of Dutch language commercials, presentations, infomercials, documentaries, programs, promos, corporate identity videos, films, trailers promotions and animations. I am 100% professional and I have my own top quality recording studio. Voicing product introductions and product presentations, e-learning projects, and phone services is something I will gladly provide you with.

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